Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Where do I come from

Underneath the big tall
oak, fantails flit and flutter,
showing off their tails to other birds.

On top of the rusty old shed
cicadas rub their wings making the music
of an orchestra.

Beside the cracking sand, salty
water smells of 
fish and seals.

Beside the clean chair 
Blankets sway in the wind,
As silky as my mum’s top.

Beside the dry old grass 
The Ōtakaro is as dirty as washing 
that's been there for days.

On top of the couch I snuggle up
a movie with my family.

I come from Ōtautahi,Christchurch.


  1. Love this poem Ayva. Beautiful writing to describe our beautiful country x

  2. I love this poem it is really detailed and calm this is a great poem

  3. I love this poem it is a really detailed poem it sounds like it is a beautiful place